Skinny Dip Samples

Just one dip!

Every day I get texts and messages on Facebook from people who aren’t sure if Skinny Dipping will help them. Every single day. Like me, they had no hope. Skinny Dipping turns hopelessness into hope. Every day!

Above are before and after pictures from one dip. She shared that she was about to give up (she had already done several dips) but she wasn’t sure if it was working. Yesterday was the first time she took the time to take before and after pictures. Guess what? She decided she’d stick with it! Even though it is not uncommon to lose several inches with one dip, it isn’t always noticable results. When it comes to stretch marks, and lasting results, it will take time.

Below pictures are from a mom of twins who was convinced nothing could help her.

Pretty Amazing Results!

When she saw her sister’s results (below) and with a little encouragement from me she decided it was worth a try.

Skinny Dipping Results
I love seeing results like this!

If you are wanting transformational results, here are some tips. Skinny dipping won’t offset horrible food choices. It is only half the equation. The key to permanent weight release is 1)Eat Right and 2)Detox. Skinny Dipping provides the Detox. You also have to flood your body with good nutrition and make sure you are not putting more toxins in than you are detoxing out.

It seems to work best for people who Dip two to three times per week, and stick with it for at least a full kit’s worth (25-30 Dips.) Best results are seen when you get the water as hot as you can stand it (about the temperature of a hot tub) , leaving some room to add cooler water. Submerge yourself for 3-5 mins to fully open the pores, and then add the salt & oils that have been premixed along with cooler water to make it comfortable. Soak for at least 45 minutes, but the longer the better. I usually soak until the water gets cool. Take a book with you and your detox tea with Lemon and Peppermint added as a booster. Expect to sweat – that is how you detox through your skin. If you aren’t sweating, run a small heater in the bathroom to create a sauna effect. If you are also wanting your stretch marks to vanish into thin air, be sure you are using the after bath oils. I actually apply those daily to my “trouble areas”.

If you’ll follow these tips, I bet I’ll be getting a thank you with pictures in my inbox from you too! Let me hear from you!! Here is the picture that sparked hope for many. Keep in mind that the initial “before” has to be from your imagination. Imagine a belly that has borne 14 babies, expanded and contracted with the gain and loss of over 600 lbs…over the course of 26 years. I was hopeless when it came to my stretch marks, and I thought only surgery could help my “kangaroo pouch”. I refused to take a before picture. But when the results were so dramatic, I just had to share my hope with others. My only regret was not taking pictures earlier along in my journey. I had people encourage me, but I refused. My stretch marks were scary! Deep dark red furrows. I was not even willing for my husband to see them in full daylight!

Skinny Dipping Results

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What exactly IS Skinny Dipping? Put simply, an exquisite blend of clinical grade Essential Oils are combined with a carrier oil and Epsom Salts to create a detox bath like you’ve never experienced before! As you soak, the Essential Oils do their magic. Most people have measurable results with their very first soak! Don’t forget before and after pictures and measurements. Measure waist, hips, thighs, and calves. As your body detoxes not only do the inches melt away, over time you’ll also see the stretch marks fade, and your skin will have a soft silky feel that will conjure up visions of Cleopatra.
If you’d like to try a sample, I have put together a Deluxe Skinny Dipping Package that is available for a limited time for $25 USD- shipping included (for US addresses only!!! It includes enough for 2 Dips if you have a small tub (one for a garden tub), an Afterbath Treatment, an Internal Detox Booster Tea, and step by step directions so you’ll know you are doing it correctly. Forget Calgon, Skinny Dipping is a little taste of heaven on earth! If you fall in love, there is a special Essential Oil package designed with Skinny Dippers in mind. Order your sample today or contact me to order the full kit!

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