Skinny Dipping – Deluxe Samples Available for a Limited Time!

Skinny Dipping Benefits
Skinny Dipping Benefits
3 Dips
3 Dips
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For every 20 Samples ordered there will be one   package that contains a surprise gift worth $25 or more!

What Can Skinny Dipping Do for You? Put simply, an exquisite blend of clinical grade Essential Oils are combined with a carrier oil and Epsom Salts to create a detox bath like you’ve never experienced before! As you soak, the Essential Oils do their magic. Most people have measurable results with their very first soak! As your body detoxes not only do the inches melt away, over time you’ll also see the stretch marks fade, and your skin will have a soft silky feel that will conjure up visions of Cleopatra.
If you’d like to try a sample, I have put together a Deluxe Skinny Dipping Package that is available for a limited time for $25 USD- shipping included (for US addresses only!!! It includes enough for 2 Dips if you have a small tub, an Afterbath Treatment, an Internal Detox Booster Tea, and step by step directions so you’ll know you are doing it correctly. Forget Calgon, Skinny Dipping is a little taste of heaven on earth! If you fall in love, there is a special Essential Oil package designed with Skinny Dippers in mind. Order your sample today!

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