What is “Skinny Dipping” Anyway? Detoxing the Toxins

It was a serendipitous moment of genius when the idea came to me. As I sat writing out the post, trying to explain why a soak in the tub was better than a spa wrap with visions of Cleopatra in my head, Skinny Dipping just tumbled off the tips of my fingers. It sounds much more glamorous and sexy than detoxing doesn’t it?!

If you want to learn more, I am doing a webinar tonight….. here is the link to sign up:


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2 thoughts on “What is “Skinny Dipping” Anyway? Detoxing the Toxins

    1. I just wanted to send you some quick info on Skinny Dipping. It is basically a detox bath. When your body detoxes through the skin, it takes some of the work load off the liver. Since one of the liver’s primary jobs is to detox and one of its secodary duties is to burn fat, it is often so overworked that fatburning never occurs regardless of how healthy we eat and hard we exercise. With Skinny Dipping we are facilitating the detox process and alleviating the workload put on the liver. It is simple, and it works. Most people lose an inch or two collectively their first Dip. Individual results depend on many variables, but people who stick with it will see results even if it isn’t right away.
      There is a blog post where you can order just a sample, or you can order the entire Skinny Dipping set straight from the company where I get mine. Assuming you weren’t referred by an Ameo distributor, you can order at Home | Améo Independent Distributor (you can become a repeat order customer or a wholesale member and get the same deep discounts that I do, or you can just order retail.) The pack you are looking for is called “Slim and Tranquil” and should be the first pick in the ‘combo kits’. You’ll also want to look under ‘single oils’ and add the fractionated coconut oil to your order. The only other thing you’ll need is Epsom Salts and that you can buy at a local store. The full Kit has approximately 30 Dips worth. Compare that to the cost of a single spa seaweed detox wrap!

      Feel free to text me or email me if you have further questions. You can also call, but I can’t always grab the phone. 478-508-2678


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