Have You Got a Red Dress in Your Closet?

I think we all have something hanging in our closet that is just a tad too snug. A favorite dress that we refuse to take to GoodWill, a pair of jeans that are perfectly worn in, a shirt that pulls open and lets the light shine in, a skirt that still won’t zip even when you ‘suck it in’…. every closet has at least one or two that never come off the hanger. Some of us are hoarders and haven’t given up hope. I know Erica is glad she hung on to her cute red dress. With the help of Metamorphu (not a DIEt) and Skinny Dipping here is her story, chronicled in pictures. Look at the progress she’s made in just one month! 6 lbs of fat released simply by making healthier choices and detoxing with the now famous Skinny Dipping Recipe! Even though we can’t make promises on how long it will take, I can tell you that results are inevitable if you will make consistent daily efforts. And you’ll get those results faster by including the Skinny Dipping detox bath. There’s no magic to it; it is simply giving your liver a helping hand so it can start burning fat for you. I still have a few samples available to purchase, or just dive in (pun intended) and purchase a set that will give you approximately 25-30 dips.  Call or text me at 478-508-2678 if you’d like to get yours on the way today.

Ericaskinnydipping skinnydippingericareddress

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