But, I’ve had two babies and a C-section….

I got a private message from someone who was afraid there was no hope for her.

“C section – 2 kids – 10lbs Skinny dip + frankincense topically? Pls help — it will go back to not being saggy right?” and it was accompanied with pictures (the ones dated the 18th).

I told her it might take months, but that there was absolutely hope.

Even *I* was surprised by her pictures!!

Can you imagine what she’ll look like in a few months? If you think there is no hope for you…. think again! And I am SO excited that we now have access to a clinical grade Patchouli!!! Adding it in will enhance the results even more!



6 thoughts on “But, I’ve had two babies and a C-section….

    1. It is okay for diabetics, and though our nutritionals are available in the UK, the Essential Oils aren’t yet. I can ship samples to the UK but would need an address to check shipping prices. I am actually looking for a distributor in the UK. If we had enough volume going into the UK then we would get the oils sooner there.


    1. Hey Amy,
      I have been using it in place of another oil, usually trade out lavender, or reduce other oils by a drop so that I am not increasing total number of drops but getting in 5-7 drops of Patchouli.


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