Beyond Skinny Dipping – Unlock Your Brain

The Detox Bath mixture that has created such an uproar could really just be the tip of the iceburg in the realm of detoxing.  There are many people who struggle with more than just excess weight due to the inability to detox sufficiently. Detoxing is an integral part of being healthy. Toxic build up can mimic many conditions, including autism. Do some research on the symptoms of mercury poisoning. The number of children born today with neuro issues has skyrocketed, and I contribute most of that to the toxic world we live in.  Every BODY needs to detox, and many either can’t keep up or have genetic malfunctions that prevent them from being able to detox normally, and sadly, there are just as many (or more) children as adults that fall into this category.

Clean eating is a must for optimal health, and so is detoxification. For those whose livers can’t do the job, detoxing with essential oils is a great alternative. When you take a detox bath, the process happens independent of the normal internal pathways. You are literally drawing the toxins out through the skin. The “Unlock Your Brain” Detox Recipe is subject to evolve, but I’d love to hear back from people who use it for themselves or their children. I included Peppermint because most of the research I have seen says it is safe for children over 30 months. If you aren’t comfortable using peppermint, you can substitute ginger. Determination is a blend that is very effective for people who have focus issues, and it adds a calming, grounding effect. It also has Mugwort which ingested in large enough quantities is toxic. Again, from my research, I think it is perfectly safe at the dilution included, even if some bath water gets swallowed. The bottom line of course is – you are responsible for you, and your family. If you aren’t comfortable including it, then don’t. Patchouli would also be a nice add-in for this recipe.

The oil amounts are for an adult, in a garden size tub. If under 80 lbs, I’d half the recipe, and 1/4 it if the tub is small. The process is the same. So, for clarification, mix the recipe below and put it in a quart jar.

For an adult, in a garden size tub, use the whole amount. If you have a small tub, mix well, and just use one cup. For a child 40-80lbs, use one cup in a garden size tub, or 1/2 cup in a small tub. Under 40lbs, use 1/4 c in a garden size tub, or 1/8c in a small tub.

Get the water as warm as you can stand it and sit in the water 2 -3 minutes to open the pores, add the oils that have been premixed with Epsom Salt (appropriate to body weight and tub size), and then add cool water to make the water a comfortable temperature. Soak at least 45 mins. Longer is better.  Use the roll-on in the morning for calmness, clarity, and focus.  The roll-on recipe should be halved for children under 80lbs.

UYB detox

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