Directions Matter!

If you are going to Skinny Dip, please follow directions!

Premix the oils with your carrier oil of choice (I use fractionated coconut oil) and Epsom Salt.  This is important for YOUR safety and the safety of your tub, especially if it is plastic.  I had someone ask me if the oils could have been the reason for ‘bubbles’ in the bottom of a tub (they didn’t use a carrier and didn’t wipe down the tub afterwards.) We have a fiberglass tub and I never wipe mine down but I never use the oils without a carrier either.

If you don’t follow directions you won’t get the best results, you might burn your skin, and you might just damage your tub. Be careful. Essential oils are powerful, and directions matter!

I have had many ask me if the oils are safe for a whirlpool tub. I would say no to a hot tub because you need a carrier oil to keep them from evaporating and I know that it is not recommended to use body oils with hot tubs. The whirlpool *might be safe if you didn’t use the jets, but I’d contact the manufacturer and ask to be safe.

Happy and Safe Dipping!!


3 thoughts on “Directions Matter!

  1. Claudia Higgins

    Please let me know about the tubs with jets as many of the people I know that want to skinny dip have these tubs, myself included..


    1. Claudia, see Sherri’s comment on FAQs. Her husband services hot tubs and whirlpools. He said you should flush the lines if you use the whirlpool, and like me, he said not a good idea for a hot tub.


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