Detoxing While Pregnant or Nursing – Is it Safe? You Decide!

This question comes up a LOT. And people look to me for answers because I have a *little* experience with pregnancy and nursing. Let me start by saying this. You are responsible for making health decisions for yourself and your family. Blind faith is what has now become known as “drinking the kool aid”. I am not making recommendations. Legally I can’t. What I can do is tell you to make educated decisions for yourself and your baby.  If you aren’t familiar with the Jim Jones story (which is where the kool aid cliche comes from), 900 people toasted to their deaths following his lead. Read more about it here >

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people “drink the kool aid” being prescribed and do so in blind faith. Toxic pharmaceuticals are prescribed daily. People die daily as a result. And yet we continue to “drink the kool aide.” I could get off on a tangent here because this is a huge pet peeve of mine, but that will have to be a post for another day.

Back to the topic at hand! Nutritionists, dieticians, and doctors alike will tell you not to detox while you are pregnant or nursing, because “the baby might get some of the toxins”.  My advice, educate yourself before you decide.

First, watch this documentary

Next, do a little research on what toxins have been found in breast milk. Here is just one article (there are hundreds)

While I don’t advocate harsh cleanses that would upset a baby’s digestive system,  I personally think we should consider not whether detoxing is safe, but whether or not it is safe to avoid detoxing. Obviously we should avoid toxins as much as possible always, and especially if pregnant or nursing.  However, unless you are growing your own food and growing it all organically, you ARE putting toxins in your baby. The question really should not be”Is it safe?”, but “Is it safe not to?” And then, what methods are best and least likely to transfer more toxins to the baby and help them detox too?

Who am I to go against all the nutritional and medical advice that has prevailed all these years? I am just a mom. A mom of 14 children who hasn’t had to take a child to the doctor sick in over 16 years which happens to be when I started questioning the status quo and decided that I didn’t want my family drinking the kool aid any more.  I know that is a heck of a run-on sentence, but then I sometimes rebel against the conventions of proper writing techniques too.

5 thoughts on “Detoxing While Pregnant or Nursing – Is it Safe? You Decide!

  1. Wonderful piece, DeeDee. I Especially loved the run-on sentence, as I too am a Grand Master in that club.
    Your Very timely writing is going to be VERY inspirational for someone I am sharing this with today. Thank you so much for this, and all you put out here for Our benefit.
    Have a very Blessed day, you and yours. Diana


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