Skinny Dipping and Sun Exposure

Skinny Dipping and Citrus Oil  Caution for Summer
Skinny Dipping and Citrus Oil Caution for Summer

With the sun shining brightly and pools starting to open I thought it would be a good time to remind those who have forgotten, or time to give a heads up to those who might not know. Some oils (all the citrus ones) can cause photosensitivity and caution should be used. If you are going to be out in the sun within 24 hours of applying any of the citrus oils topically, be careful. You may burn faster than you normally would, and people who have forgotten, or were careless have burned themselves pretty badly.  Don’t let that be you!

Another word of caution – don’t use toxic sunscreens either! There are natural ones that will do the job, and won’t expose you to carcinogens that are known to cause skin cancer. You can make your own, or buy organic ones that are safe. One another day, when I have more time, I’ll share some of the research that I have done, and the sunscreens I have used on my family when in a time crunch and couldn’t make my own.  We also try to stay out of the sun from 12-2 when the UV rays are the strongest. If you use caution, you can enjoy Skinny Dipping, and the glorious days of Summer Sun. Remember the Sun is your friend. You need sunlight to have optimal levels of Vitamin D, and Vitamin D is required for optimal health.

I won’t even mention tanning beds and photosensitivity causing essential oils because I would hope that by now you know that they are bad for you. Avoid them period!

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