Love Your Liver and it will Love You Back – Part 1

It isn’t just Skinny Dipping that is taking the world by storm. All sorts of detoxes are  the latest rage these days. People are starting to “get it”, sort of….We just tend to be a nation that is easily sold, and the selling that is being done is not focused on detoxing properly. How do you know your detox or cleanse is supporting your liver?

There are many companies and products that are marketing to the detox crowd, but they aren’t necessarily promoting products that are facilitating a detox that will actually help you be more healthy. Those colon cleanses aren’t really helpful to your liver; they are simply flushing your digestive system, literally. While most people are full of it, using herbs to help things move along isn’t much of a solution, and can often cause more harm than good if they are overused. There are some great ways to detox that will not require a parking permit for the throne room, and will actually do a much better job supporting the detox organs which are woefully overworked. Skinny Dipping is obviously one way to support the liver by helping the body detox through different pathways, but the more assistance we can provide, the healthier we’ll be.

A friend posted a link to this article >  today which compelled me to write one of my own. As I started penning this, I realized that it needs to be a several part series. Your liver is the key to your health. It has so many jobs! I can’t do it justice in just one post.

One thing I hear more often than I’d like is people suggesting that adding Lemon EO to your water daily is something everyone should do.  I even hear people encouraging that children should be included. Lemon juice and lemon essential oil are very different. The EO comes from the rind, and is not necessarily something you should consume daily. While I am a strong proponent of drinking lemon water daily, and I am a huge fan of Essential Oils, I am NOT a fan of daily EO consumption without a specific targeted purpose.  I not saying that you shouldn’t ingest essential oils. I am loving the new AGX products that are targeting DNA repair! Education is the key. As in all other areas of life, don’t just do something “because”.  Find out what you are affecting before you ingest. Personally, I am a huge fan of muscle testing, and would higly recommend using it whenever you are adding anything new to your health program. Check out the video I did, and let me know what you think.

One of the best ways to love your liver (and your kidneys and all the rest of your body) is to have a cup of Master Cleanse tonic every day. It is a great way to start your day! You’ll need a lemon, preferably organic; 1-2 Tbls of real Maple Syrup, a dash of cayenne pepper, hot water (not microwaved) and a mug. Squeeze 1/2 the lemon and measure. If you don’t have a tablespoon of juice squeeze the other half. Add the lemon juice to the mug and an equal amount of syrup, then add a dash of cayenne pepper and fill the mug the rest of the way with hot water.  This is a FAR better way for you to start your day than coffee. Coffee is acidic and fosters an environment that is a perfect home for cancer and chronic auto-immune conditions. The Master Cleanse tonic will bring your pH into balance and catalyzes an alkaline environment which is imperative to health. Whether you are trying to restore health or prevent sickness, the Master Cleanse Tonic is a simple, easy to implement, amazingly tasty way to support your efforts. Add this to your daily routine and Skinny Dip 2-3 times per week for even more amazing results!

11 thoughts on “Love Your Liver and it will Love You Back – Part 1

    1. Yes, most do fine with it. Some people reduce the amount, but grade B is less processed, more nutrient dense, and less likely to cause blood sugar issues. Sipping on it rather than guzzling it will also help avoid the sugar rise.


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