Love Your Liver with the Master Cleanse Tonic (Part Two)

Life sometimes gets in the way, no? The entire month of June is a blur, but July is here and I am emerging from the frenzy. We had 3 birthdays, a wedding, and a new grand baby was born all before the second week of June ended. Immediately following I was responsible for coordinating and promoting a huge, corporately attended event, and from that I went straight into a week of volunteering for one of THE most intense New Peaks courses on their schedule. We were “on” for 16 hours every day. Needless to say, there was no time for writing in the midst of all the flurry. I’d like to say that July will bring the slow days of summer, but I don’t see that happening.

I am, however, committed to carving some time out to blog and catch up on promised topics… the first of which will kill two birds with one post. Last month I started a series on the Liver. One of the best ways to love your liver is to support the body’s ability to detox, and one of the best ways to do that is what is known as “The Master Cleanse” or the “Lemonade Diet”. I prefer the former over the latter because it isn’t a diet. Many people mistakenly think they can use the Lemon mixture to lose weight. While it is true your body may drop some water weight and some stored up crud, you really should not be motivated by a shift on the scales. If you don’t change your habits post-cleanse, you’ll quickly find that the scales find the weight you ‘lose’. If done properly, it WILL help you to detox in a way that will enable you to get “unstuck” though.

What is the Master Cleanse? You’ll find many different iterations of directions and most of them are describing a full fast and a total ‘flushing’ of the contents of the digestive system. You’ll also find people trying to sell you pre-mixes and instruction books. Buyer, beware! While I think that doing the Cleanse in the fullest sense is beneficial, for most people it is far too harsh in the beginning of a health journey. In fact, there are quite a few reports of people ending up in the hospital. Yes, my intention is to scare you just a little. We can overdo most anything, and this is a Cleanse that you need to start slowly and work your way up to the Full Fast version. You don’t need a book, and you’ll get the best results from fresh ingredients… not from a pre-mixed bottle which will also include preservatives (the same kind you are trying to detox out of your body.)

The recipe is simple: You will need a 1/2 gallon container (preferably glass); about 4-5 lemons per day, and 1 cup of real maple syrup (grade B is best), and cayenne pepper. Squeeze the lemons until you have a full cup of lemon juice and pulp. Combine with the syrup and fill container with water. This is enough Master Tonic for one day. Every time you pour a glass, add a dash of cayenne pepper. It is better to do it that way instead of adding the cayenne to the container because it will get spicier as it sits. (Ask me how I learned that!) It doesn’t sound appetizing, but it really is tasty. Drink a glass upon rising, one before each meal, and finish it off before bedtime. It really is that simple!

Typically this recipe is to accompany a full fast, along with other methods of flushing the digestive system. If you have never done a detox fast before my recommendation would be to drink this while continuing to eat as cleanly as possible and in conjunction with at least half your body weight in ounces of water. At the very least you should eliminate red meat, processed grains, and dairy products, and anything that includes chemicals. A raw diet would be even better, and best (short of the full fast) would be to limit your intake to Smoothies and water in conjunction with the Master Tonic. If you aren’t eliminating two to three times per day then you should also use a detox tea (my choice is Zija’s Premium Tea.) It won’t do you any good to detox if you aren’t “flushing” it out of the body.

For best results, you’ll want to follow this protocol for at least 7 days; 10 is better. The Tonic will help to alkalize the body as well as draw out and flush toxins. The cleaner you eat, the better it will work. Your goal should be to eventually work yourself up to a full fast, but I wouldn’t recommend it until you’ve done the modified version at least 2 or 3 times, and are progressively eating cleaner during that time frame.

Set your goal for the modified Cleanse every 3 months, and a full fast at the beginning of the year. Detoxing too much too fast can be detrimental. As with all dietary changes, slow and steady will win the race. Your changes are much more likely to stick if you take baby steps. Doing a modified version of the Master Cleanse is a GREAT way to love your liver! An overly toxic liver makes it hard for your body to assimilate the nutrition you are feeding it, and burning fat becomes nigh unto impossible. Love your Liver and it will Love You Back! You’ll feel better, and any excess fat will start to melt away.

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