Skinny Dipping and Postpartum “Baby Belly”

While I spent the last week visiting with my second oldest daughter and her family, I pondered what I might write about next. Really, there is only so much one can say about Skinny Dipping! Since she just had baby number three, and asked me to help her get rid of the baby belly, I thought now would be a great time to talk about postpartum baby fat since it follows nicely behind all the love your liver posts.

When you are pregnant your organs all work overtime, and that doesn’t exclude the liver. For an organ that is already overworked, pregnancy can take its toll. How is it that you can “ eat right”, “watch your weight” and still gain a gazillion pounds with a pregnancy? Growing a baby is a serious job, and the liver has work to do that often exceeds its ability to juggle. Remember, its first method of coping when it goes into overload is to store what it can’t process as fat…. and most of the time, in the abdominal area. For women the ensuing muffin top is often termed “baby fat”, and it is often some of the hardest fat to shed. The liver might return to normal, but it still has more to do than it can manage when you are feeding your body the typical American diet.
In my case, even with a very healthy, non-typical diet the pudge wouldn’t budge. Twelve years ago, when I was pregnant with our tenth child my liver said, “Enough!” It just quit. When your liver stops processing bile you begin to itch, head to toe. If you’ve never experienced it you can’t imagine how close you come to jumping over the cliff of insanity. Miserable is too mild of a word to begin to describe the inescapable itching. My doctor’s solution was to offer me a drug. Thankfully I was several years into the healing process of my health journey, and I knew that the issue was a result of the cumulative effect of years of Tylenol and Advil. You see, I grew up ignorantly eating junk food, drinking sodas (which eventually ended up being diet sodas), and not realizing that what we ate was connected to how healthy we are (or aren’t.) But at this point in my life, I had begun to connect the dots so I refused the meds and dug deeper into my research on healing foods. I ran across Dr Cabot’s work and ordered her book, The Liver Cleansing Diet. I began to follow a modified version of that, with the most important eliminations from my diet being sugar, and all preservatives or foods with chemical additives. My liver said, “thank you” and began to function at a level that alleviated the itching. Following the birth of my tenth child, I was able to eat ‘normally’ again but I really don’t think my liver ever fully recovered.
Fast forward four more babies and a traumatic miscarriage. I found myself with a non-functional liver again. I wasn’t itching, but the pudge wasn’t budging…. not even when I did a 31 day Green Smoothie Only fast. I only drank green smoothies, so my diet consisted only of living foods – fruits, veggies, raw goat milk, super foods, liver healing foods. Still the ‘baby fat’ remained.
In January I was inspired with the idea of doing a detox bath, in a Cleopatra-esque style, and what has now become known as Skinny Dipping was born. Cleopatra was known for her ageless beauty, and flawless skin…. all thanks to essential oils and ‘beauty baths’ that included them. Skinny Dipping is simply taking Epsom Salts, known for its ability to detox, and clinical grade essential oils, known for their many rejuvenating benefits and combining them in the most relaxing, enjoyable detox you’ll ever experience. What they can do for you postpartum is nothing short of amazing! For me, I was able to shed those last ten annoying pounds. For this lady who had no hope, Skinny Dipping was her ‘miracle’ to begin the recovery of her pre-pregnant figure.


Now I have offered my daughter hope too. My gift to her was enough Dips to see results in ecxhange for the promise of before/after pictures.  If you have a ‘baby belly’, whether it is has been around for 10-12 weeks or 10-12 years, Skinny Dipping might just be the answer you’ve been longing for.

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