Love Your Liver, and it will Love You Back (an ongoing saga)

You may have wondered where I have been? Why didn’t I finish posting the information on each of the Skinny Dipping Oils? August has been a blur. Let’s just say my Liver has been demanding I love it more. There are times when I want to gripe and complain about my health challenges, and the little voice my head points out all the people who seem to be sailing through life unscathed by their CRAP (carbonated refined and processed) diets. Then I remind myself to be thankful that my reactions are so unpleasant that they are actually protecting me from myself. I am sure I’d be right there with the rest of the world stuffing my face with the same toxins, and suffering from the cumulative effects somewhere down the road.

All that said, I have had to focus on me a little more as I try to sort out what this last round of symptoms are telling me. I am a researcher so when some odd symptoms presented themselves I started digging. What I found was disheartening. Many, many people were describing what I was dealing with, but none had found answers. You might ask, “Why don’t you just go to the doctor?” And my response would be, “You don’t know me very well.”  I detest doctors, and all things medical. I suppose that is a strong word. I don’t actually detest all doctors, just the ones that think they are gifted with divine knowledge, so just the majority of them fall into the ‘detest’ category. Really what I abhor is the allopathic paradigm, add that to the fact that I don’t take drugs of any kind for any reason, and there is really no reason to go to an MD.  My dear friend Sally over at A Few Good Herbs is always my resource when I am ‘stuck’. When I exhausted all my remedies, I reached out to Sally, who can whip up a solution for most anything in her backyard and the surrounding woods. I have been impatiently waiting for two weeks for my miracle tincture to cure. Tomorrow is the big day! I make the trek to pick it up and do a bit of muscle testing with her tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll see my energy come back, and the itching vanish as quickly as it appeared. If you care to follow the saga of recovering a liver abused not by alcohol, or “drugs, but by Tylenol, Advil, junk food addictions, artificial sweeteners, and a multitude of pregnacies, I’ll post more as time and energy permit. Watch for the upcoming post on the new Intimacy Blends – “No More Blues” and “Primal Passion”.  Available to purchase soon!


If you are curious about muscle testing, you can check out this video I did:

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