A Liver Update and a Serendipitous Surprise!

Today marks 6 days of bitters and I can definitely report some detoxing has occurred.  Nothing major, or debilitating, but signs that changes are taking place are still noteworthy.  Last night, I changed up my Skinny Dip routine and swapped around the oils I used. If you have Skinny Dipped your way into another plateau or just feel like you aren’t getting the same results, I’d highly recommend it. I sweated for over an hour and a half! Remember, when we sweat we are detoxing through our skin and lifting the load of the liver a bit.  One of the oils I used was Copaiba. I recently did a little extra research on this one when it became available as a clinical grade oil. I have mentioned before, I am not comfortable with using oils that are not tested to clinical standards. This one may just provide the missing links for me in several areas!  Here are just a few of the benefits of Copaiba. Considered to be one of the most anti-inflammatoryThough I didn’t go into detail about skin benefits on the graphic, it has been one I have been waiting on to enhance my skin care routine. This morning, I took the time to mix up some more hair tonic. I have managed to increase hair growth, but not slow hair loss. Copaiba shows promise in that area, so I added it in to see. I have also been excited to see what kind of skin tightening benefits it will provide, so I took an almost empty bottle of Helichrysum and added equal amounts of True Lavender, Frankincense, and Copaiba.  The results were unexpected, and AMEOZING!

I know, you’re thinking – what kind of benefits could she see in just one application, right?! One of the major indicators that my liver, endocrine system, and hormones are out of whack has been an incessant itching along the jaw line, down onto my neck and down my sternum. It has been raging on for the past three weeks with little relief. I honestly wasn’t expecting any changes in the itching department. I was mostly just hoping to tighten up the saggy-baggy “thyroid neck” that might lead one to think I had some turkey DNA in my heritage somewhere in the not so distant past. It really has made me wonder how much the cosmetic surgery would cost on more than one occasion.

Imagine my surprise when the itching stopped as I rubbed in the Night repair cream and 4 drops of my new blend. STOPPED!!! It was almost instant, and it almost felt like it had been numbed at first. I expected it to wear off, but it hasn’t! I honestly can only conjecture that it is either 1)modulating my immune system and shutting down the histamine response, or 2)has such an anti-inflammatory effect that it trumps everything else I have tried. Honestly, I am not nearly as interested in the scientific process as I am the results!!! I will say that when it first started I tried applying the same mixture, minus the Copaiba and notices little, if any, improvement.  I must say I am ecstatic! Life will be much more bearable as I continue down the liver restoration road.  I do want to thank all my readers (friends) for your sweet notes of concern and encouragement.

The journey we travel is always one of our own making, and yet one that God can use for his Glory if we will empty ourselves of our Self-pity and Complaining, and allow Him to fill us with Gratitude and Submission.  I am grateful that I have the privilege of forging ahead to find answers. I have been called to be a Difference Maker, and there is no better way to make a Difference than to live it for others to see, and in such a way that they want to join you on the journey.

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