An “unmet medical need”?

Seriously?!! I was prepping to write a blog post about  the new intimacy blends and the safety concerns of the “little blue pill” but what popped up on page one of google was an article on a new “female” version of Viagra that has yet to be approved.  Forgive me as a go off on a tangent. The FDA thinks having a low libido is a *medical need.* Newsflash! Being in the mood is not a medical need.

In reference to having a low libido, the FDA tells us:

“This condition is clearly an area of unmet medical need,” the report says. “However, for any product intended to treat an unmet medical need, the FDA is still required to base its regulatory decisions on an assessment of whether the benefits outweigh its risks.”

You can read the entire article here. 

I am not even going to TOUCH the ‘benefits need to outweigh the risks’ part. I could write a chapter of a book showing how there is rarely a benefit outweighing the risk. I will stick with one tangent at a time. I guess I should credit them with not approving it, but I am just a little appalled that Big Pharma thinks it is their job to address what happens in the bedroom. The overriding ‘pop a pill’ mentality in America leaves me questioning how long it will be before we self-destruct. A drug for this, and a drug for that, a drug to offset the side effect of the drugs, and then more drugs for the gut issues they create, and more drugs to make us happy because life is miserable. Oh but wait, the happy drugs will decrease your libido, so now we need one to fix that too. When it comes to libido as well as erectile dysfunction, it is often drugs that CAUSE it, and certainly it can be addressed with healthy food choices and exercise.

For those who needs some extra support, essential oils offer dependable results, with no side effects. Primal Passion and No More Blues are formulated to heat things up without a page full of fine print cautions.

Drugs ALWAYS have side effects. A L W A Y S  They are chemicals, and they cause chemical reactions in your body.  When people tell me they aren’t experiencing side effects, I cringe. Often we don’t know the damage being done until it is too late, and often irreversible. In order to be FDA approved, the first testing must define LD50 and LD100 (for reference). These would be determined in the ‘pre-clinical’ animal testing that helps quantify “acceptable levels of toxicity. LD50 = lethal dose 50% & LD100 = 100%. Yep, for every drug tested they continue to up the dose until the entire test population (typically rats) dies. They use that data to then come up with a ‘therapeutic dose’ and move forward with their testing on people.

We don’t have unmet medical needs, we have unmet nutritional needs that cause body systems to not function properly. Low libido and erectile dysfunction are a side effect of poor nutrition as well as pharmaceuticals. If you are taking meds, read the fine print. You might be surprised. When people are healthy, drugs aren’t necessary. Sometimes restoring health is simple, other times it takes some effort to reverse the cumulative damage done by poor lifestyle choices and years of medicating, but it IS possible.  My life mission is to assist people who are on that journey. Check out my MetamorphU page on Facebook. Who knew Green Smoothies and exercise both have positive side effects in the bedroom? Adding in essential oils is like icing on the cake! Have you tried the Intimacy Blends ?


Or maybe you have your own concotion? I’d love to hear from you!

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