Why Lavender?

True Lavender - The Calming OilLavender is one of the 3 most commonly used oils. We keep it in a “boo boo bottle” mixed with FCO, Frankincense, and Tea Tree. We apply it on bug bites, scratches, burns, and general skin irritations. It is a favorite of many for its calming effects, and it is a part of many bedtime routines. It is also included in the Skinny Dip recipe for these reasons, along with its skin nourishing benefits.

All Lavenders are not created equally. Most Lavender gives me a headache. It wasn’t until I was introduced to a clinical grade version that I realized that it wasn’t the actual Lavender Essential Oil, but something that was being done to the oil that was causing my headaches. I later learned that other companies have some of the less sweet smelling consituents removed (using solvents which were apparently what was causing my headaches.)

If you have never tried a clinical grade brand, I’d be happy to send you a sample to compare.

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