To Celebrate My Birthday

I want to share an article that says what I can’t say about my source of energy, and vitality at age 48, even after 17 pregnancies, 14 babies, and nine grand babies… and a debilitating health challenge that started 17 years ago.  I want to share because I know it can make a difference in your life, or in the life of someone you love. I want to share because I feel compelled to pay it forward. If there were only someway to help you know what I know, and experience what I have experienced! You wouldn’t question if it was really true. You wouldn’t think $3 a day was “too expensive.” If you knew what I know, then your medicine cabinet would be filled with non-toxic botanical extracts. You would read labels, and more carefully select the things you put in your body.  Even though it is called the Miracle Tree, it isn’t the Be All, End All. It doesn’t offset consistent poor eating habits, nor can your body instantaneously self correct when it has been pummeled for years with toxins and fed nutrient void “foods”.  That is, in part, why I created the Metamorphu program. I want people to Know Better so they can Do Better! We often offer free webinars. In fact, there is one tomorrow night! You can register here.  One of the things in life that brings the most joy to me is helping people, so I thought “what better birthday present to give myself than to help more people!” So, here are my gifts to you, which are ultimately gifts to myself.


I also want to offer you to a gift.  Actually, there are several to choose from! If you have never tried the products I use, and would like to, this might be something you’d enjoy:

For a limited time only!
If you are already using the products but would like to go beyond what you are doing, here are some other options that I decided to extend through the month of December (subject to change based on enrollment):

To Celebrate My Birthday & Transformation

December is often a month where people are so busy that they fall into old unhealthy habits. Don’t let that be you! Let Dec 2015 be the month and year that you drew a line in the sand and decided to take decisive action. Together we can turn 2016 into your best year ever!

I will give away 1 Fit Pack, and one 30 Day Jumpstart on Dec 31 as the grand finale… Winners will be randomly chosen from those who comment here on my blog, who share on Facebook (using the hashtag #ZijaFit2016 ) and who comment on Essential Oils.



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