Bitters can Be Beneficial

Bitters – Bring’em On! How bad can they be?

bittersbad Ha!

Thankfully, you can take them in tincture form. No need to forage in the back yard, or drink a glassful. Bitters in itty-bitty amounts can be beneficial. Honestly, if you want optimum liver function, they aren’t optional.

Because of some of my recent health challenges, and because many of the conversations I have had recently revolve around the liver and the need for bitters, I thought I’d share a couple of articles that I have found helpful. The personalized concoctions my friend Sally has created for me have saved me from much duress, and paved the way for a smooth transition through the hormonal obstacle course of menopause. My liver has been thanking me!

A Natural News Article on the Herbal Benefits of Bitters

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