The Benefits of Detoxing


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Dori & I recently launched a new program called DetoxU. It is January, right? This is the time when everybody, their brother, and their mother decide to recommit to resolutions they have made to ‘get healthy & lose weight’. The majority of Resolutioners make the same or similar commitments every year. Why? Because they fail to set attainable short-term goals, and they lack accountability. Things that are hard to do on your own can be simple with someone to hold you accountable, and to coach you through the tough spots.  *side note – DetoxU is for everybody, not just people who are looking to “lose weight”.  Please don’t enter any detox program thinking it will help you release fat. It is, however, a precursor to a successful long-term weight management plan, and should actually be something you implement at least yearly, if not quarterly. If your goal is to release fat and keep it off, you might consider starting with our DetoxU program, and following it with JumpstartU & MetamorphU.

If you have ever attempted a detox or a cleanse, you know it isn’t easy. It takes resolve, and support. I have done a variety of different cleanses, and the toughest by far was the Master Cleanse Full Fast. We actually offer this as an option in the DetoxU program, but so far, there haven’t been any takers. To succeed is the epitome of winning the brain game. Regardless of whether you do a full fast or not, everyone who joins us is encouraged to incorporate the Master Cleanse. Most of the questions that have come up revolve around whether or not all the ingredients need to be used, or if they can be substituted. While I would much rather just point someone to an already written article, I couldn’t find one. The next best thing was to just compile some information and blog about it.

The Master Cleanse is a full body cleanse, and provides support for all the organs. There are a gazillion variations of it floating around, and many people want to sell you their system, directions, etc. I am no different, except what I want to sell you is personal support while you cleanse. It can be difficult to do it alone, even if you aren’t doing the full fast. I have done the Master Cleanse on several occasions, and I actually encourage some people to incorporate a cup of it into their lives daily because of its ability to support kidney function.

The recipe is relatively simple – to make 1/2 gallon add 1 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1 cup of grade b maple syrup, and top it off with distilled water. Add a dash of cayenne pepper to each glass.

For all the ‘oilers’ out there – Lemon Essential Oil is very different from the juice.  While the constituents found in the Essential Oil are beneficial, and detoxifying, the oil doesn’t contain the nutrients found in the juice itself. Another reason to use juice vs the oil is the large quantities that are consumed during the cleanse. More isn’t always better, and that applies to essential oils. While it is fine to add a drop or two to your evening tea, you can’t get out of squeezing those lemons if you want to do the Master Cleanse properly.

Why grade B maple syrup? While I personally don’t think it is a deal breaker if you use grade A, grade B is less processed and more nutrient dense. By all means, use grade A versus using not having grade B as your excuse.  Here’s what has to say:

Grade B Syrup is dark and is usually yielded in the later seasons by collecting sap from maple trees. The reason for it’s darker, thicker appearance is the different concentrations of sugars present both early and later in the season. Sap from the start of the season produces the palest syrup, while the later season creates the darkest and most rich syrups. Organic Grade B Maple Syrup also does not go through the same refinement process as commercial grade maple syrups. This artificial process strips many of the natural, essential nutrients out of it, as well as unnecessarily adding extra sugar and chemicals. These are just a few of the reasons why organic Grade B Maple Syrup is recommended for the Master Cleanse aka ‘The Lemonade Diet’.

Grade B Maple Syrup is an excellent source of the mineral Manganese, which is an essential cofactor in a great number of enzymes that help to produce energy and also support antioxidant defense. The oxidative enzyme ‘superoxide dismutase’ disarms free radicals within the mitochondria (the factories within our cells that produce energy) and requires ‘Manganese’ to operate. Just one ounce of Grade B maple syrup supplies up to 22% of the daily value for this mineral. Manganese also plays a significant role in eliminating fatty acids and cholesterol by being a catalyst in synthesis.

As well as being a great source of this wonderful mineral, it is also a terrific source of Zinc. Zinc not only acts as an antioxidant, but also an immune system supporter and is very beneficial to the function of the heart. Many immune cells depend upon zinc in order to function optimally. This mineral is a necessity for proper function of endothelial cells in the blood vessels and helps to prevent damage caused by oxidized cholesterol.

The vitamins present in pure Grade B maple syrup are PP (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic Acid), B2 (Riboflavin), Folic Acid, B6 (Pyridoxine), Biotin, and Vitamin A. Vitamins are essential, organic nutrients that serve as vital helpers in cell function. Niacin participates in the energy metabolism of every body cell and is unique among the B vitamins in that the body can make it directly from protein. Two other B vitamins – pantothenic acid and biotin – are also very important in energy metabolism. Pantothenic acid was first recognized as a substance that stimulates growth. It is a component of a key enzyme that makes possible the release of energy from the energy nutrients. Riboflavin also facilitates energy production in the body.

Organic Grade B Maple syrup not only contains trace amounts of these vitamin and minerals, but also amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. Vitamin B6 has long been known to play roles in protein and amino acid metabolism. In the cells, vitamin B6 helps to convert one kind of amino acid, which the cells have in abundance, to another, which they need in larger amounts. Vitamin A is a versatile vitamin, playing diverse roles in vision, maintenance of body linings and skin, and immune defenses.

Cayenne has amazing health benefits, and while you’d think that adding a dash wouldn’t make much difference it does. Some people prefer to take it in a capsule, but I don’t feel it has the same benefits as it does when your taste buds are stimulated. It doesn’t take much, but don’t skip it! Here’s why:
Cayenne pepper removes the plaque adhering to arteries and cleans them. You can help a person from suffering from a heart attack by giving him cayenne pepper in a cup of water. It supplies vital nutrients to the heart, raises the body temperature, improves blood circulation by thinning the blood, removes toxins from the blood and rebuilds blood cells. Cayenne pepper helps to make blood pressure levels normal. It regulates the flow of blood from the head to the foot and equalizes blood pressure. It also equalizes blood pressure in the arteries and veins instantly. It removes blockages present in the arteries and thus, improves the flow of blood. Since cayenne pepper reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, it simultaneously lowers the risk of hypertension.Cayenne pepper rids the body of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Although cayenne pepper is spicy, it improves digestion by stimulating the peristaltic movement of the intestines.  It also helps in the excretion of urine and feces. Cayenne pepper has thermogenic properties. It also helps you to lose weight.  compiled from
And lastly, why distilled water? While I don’t recommend distilled water for long periods of time, it actually helps your body detox. Distilled water is free of dissolved minerals and, because of this, has the special property of being able to actively absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them.
So for those who like to understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’, hopefully this has helped.  Happy Detoxing!     Sign me up!

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