Get the Most out of Skinny Dipping

I thought it worthy of a quick update as I sit here sweating away the toxins, and the inches. I mentioned to my running partner that Skinny Dipping wasn’t working for me like it used to. It has been weeks since I have broken out in a sweat.

Tonight I climbed in the tub for my aches more than my vanity, and grabbed a ready made Skinny Dip jar, but this time I added some Muscle Mend. I have been soaking for an hour and still have sweat rolling off my face!

The lesson? If you stop seeing results, switch it up. Use wintergreen or Muscle Mend instead of peppermint. Use ginger in place of Cell Therapy. Myrrh instead of Frankincense. Or swap out a citrus for Rosemary, or Basil. Be careful not to double up on “hot” oils though. Change it up, and let me know how it goes! If you’ve quit sweating, the detoxing effectiveness has decreased.


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