Skinny Dipping isn’t Just for Detoxing!



Although I have promoted Skinny Dipping mainly for detoxing and weight loss, the benefits are much broader. When you combine this specific recipe of essential oils, you also experience just a small taste of heaven on earth. Today was not any more stressful than any other, but thinking about my schedule for the month of April is making this typically laid back Mama just a little crazy.

Just as a side note, stress creates an environment to accumulate more toxins, so finding ways to de-stress will also benefit your quest to detox. Maybe that is why Skinny Dipping is so successful; we are killing two proverbial birds with one bath. Regardless, taking time for you is even more important when life is hectic. If you want to be able to enjoy life when things slow down, you better adopt the habit of allotting some time for yourself. In the long run, you are doing your loved ones a favor. Take care of you now so they won’t have to later!

If you have never tried a Skinny Dipping bath Order your sample today or message me to order the DIY kit!

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