Aspartame – Sweet Deceit

Artificial sweetness are among my Fatal Five list. This article helps to reinforce what I have been preaching for years. I thought this article compelling enough to share it. Sometimes my technical challenges are laughable. I know there is a way to reblog, but for now you’ll  just have to click through to read it.

Aspartame – the most dangerous food additive on the market!

While I think aspartame is horrific, I don’t rate it any worse than Sucralose. There are also some new artificial sweeteners out there to beware of. Best sweeteners to use are raw honey, real maple syrup, liquid stevia extract, or unprocessed cane sugar. It is a safe bet that if it is anything in a white powder form, you should avoid it. Ask yourself the question -how closely does it resemble how it originally appears in nature? That is a helpful question to ask about anything you consume!

Remember, every bite matters!




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