Choices, Consequences, and Cancer

As I sat at our Classical Conversations end-of-year celebration listening to the Challenge students talk about choices and consequences, I was introspective. My day had been a day of reflection. I am not sure any of us really understand the importance of our choices until we are faced with the consequences. Always there are consequences. Always. We may not see them immediately, but they will manifest themselves over time. The analogy that I like to use is the adage “the (last) straw that broke the camel’s back.” What exactly does that mean? Whatever the beast of burden is, it can only carry so much before it breaks down under the load. Typically in life, it refers to the last incidence that pushes us over the edge, metaphorically speaking.  Our bodies are no different. They can only be burdened with so many toxins before they break under the load. Everybody’s “back” is capable of only so much, and typically that depends on your genetic makeup. How healthy were your parents? What kinds of toxins were you exposed to inutero? These are the things that determine the strength of your back. More importantly, how many straws have been piled on it over the years? How many antibiotics did you receive as a child? How many vaccines? What kind of toxins are in the skin care products you have used? How many chemicals have accumulated in your body over the years? If you happen to be one of the many who don’t detox properly, your load will be heavier by far. In the end, what is most relevant is how you are managing your load. Detoxing is the equivalent of unloading the straws. Consequences come when you are loading faster than you are unloading. Hopefully that makes sense!

Where am I going with all of this? Honestly I don’t know where to start! My mind has been in overdrive the past couple of days trying to process the unimaginable, the unthinkable. Actually I have wondered on many occasions just how I would handle a catastrophic diagnosis.  For those who know me, you know I have long been a voice in the wilderness for natural, for clean eating, for holistic. I have always said that if ever I was diagnosed with cancer there is no way I would fall into the cut, poison, burn trap.  If there is one area of modern medicine where I feel like we have missed the boat ENTIRELY it is oncology. It flies in the face of logic and common sense. The premise is to take an immune system that has been insulted, injured, and broken, and destroy it in hopes that it will somehow resurrect itself from the dead and start working properly again (and that is a stretch since it would have to go into overdrive, not just work properly.) Regardless of the spin you see coming from ACA and other money mongering benefactors of the Cancer industry, the odds aren’t great for surviving cancer. While “success” can be the outcome, they don’t report the deaths that occur as side effects to the chemo. It is openly admitted by the medical community that more people die from malnutrition caused by chemo than they do of cancer. Stop and ponder that. The result of the treatment kills more people than the thing being treated.  Even our “prevention” measures (I hate that double speak! It is diagnostics, it is detection, but it is NOT prevention) cause cancer. So explain to me how it is smart to use diagnostics that cause cancer to see if you have it? Anyway, I digress, and am off on a tangent. This is just an industry that makes my blood boil. So many times I have attempted to encourage people to up their nutrition, to detox, to support their body while going through treatments that they were bullied into, only to hear that their oncologist told them that they don’t need to do anything nutritionally while in treatment. My favorite is the encouragement to eat anything they can keep down, and especially ice cream and milkshakes because they need the extra calories. Sigh.


If only we learned a little more about how the body works in school. If only Doctors were taught more about how it works!!!  At conception, when egg meets sperm, the result is new life that is the combination of mom’s DNA and dad’s DNA. Because of the environment we’ve created for ourselves that DNA is damaged…. by lack of proper building blocks, degraded by toxins. And as our bodies develop, our immune system develops. When the building blocks aren’t there, it is like an algebraic equation with too many variables missing to solve the problem. Over time the compound effect of lots of unsolved problems presents itself as symptoms. Sometimes those symptoms indicate that the immune system has misidentified the good guys, and through constant friendly fire, it has created what we label an “auto-immune” condition. Other times the immune system misidentifies the bad guys, and protects them, letting them proliferate and eventually they begin to overtake some part of the body, and we call that cancer.  The faulty mechanism in both situations is the same – the immune system.

How did we come to a point that our immune systems are so prone to break down? A look back in history just over the past 50 years or so is revealing and confusing at the same time. Why? We have introduced so many new toxins (aka chemicals) into our lives that it is nigh unto impossible to identify which are the offenders.  The simple, yet not so simple, thing to do would be to eliminate them all. Too bad we don’t have an undo button. It would make our choices much easier. As it stands we have to do the best we can with what we have at the time. The problem is we don’t.

Since we don’t see the consequences immediately for our choices, we tend to continue to choose poorly until we are rudely awakened when the tip of the iceberg emerges.  how much longer

For me, my health journey didn’t start until I’d spent 30 years depositing into the disease bank. The first iceberg that emerged was one that is often labeled fibromyalgia. Chronic, systemic inflammation that manifests itself by making you feel as if you have been beaten with a baseball bat, head to toe. I soon learned that what I truly had was a nutritional deficiency. Provide the body with the building blocks, and it can rebuild what has been broken down. Over the years I have continued to MetamorphMe through improving nutrition, and eliminating toxins…. baby step style. First we started grinding our own wheat to make our own bread, added a flock of laying chickens to the farm, dairy goats for fresh goat milk, nutritional supplementation, and over time the elimination of what I call the Fatal Five – high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and colors, hydrogenated oils, MSG, and nitrites/nitrates. Then super food filled green smoothies became a way of life.

You would think this would be enough, right? Enough to reverse 30 years of misinformed poor choices? Enough to override the continued exposure to toxins? Apparently not for my DNA. I have always said, and will continue to say, “Our DNA is the loaded gun. Our lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

How long the cancer festers, is nurtured by our own immune system, and grows is a guess. By the time it can be clinically diagnosed it could have been there for 20 years or more. In the particular kind that I have it is doubtful that is the case. Inflammatory Breast Cancer is very aggressive. It could be that it has been there for many years and my immune system has been keeping it contained. It is a plausible theory, but at the end of the day it is irrelevant.

This has been a year for detoxing and more detoxing for me. I started the year with #DetoxU and have continued to detox throughout the spring. My initial reaction was, “how can this be… after all I have done and continue to do to support my body?” I like to think that it spawned the eviction notice that caused the cancer to reveal itself, and that I already have a jump start. Regardless, I am thankful for the journey. Thankful for the opportunity to take it to another level of healthy. Without a catalyst, I would settle for comfortable…. as do we all.

My encouragement to you is to stop settling! Eliminate the toxins. Quit eating CRAP (carbonated, refined & processed). Add in Super Foods. Supplement with the Best Nutrition Available, and don’t forget to feed your brain and heart the right foods too. Learn from other people’s choices and remember that “Good is the worst enemy of Excellent.” If you aren’t 100% convinced you are doing enough to support your health, I can promise you aren’t! Step up your game.  Join me on the journey and MetamorphU

Don’t wait for a catastrophic diagnosis to make changes. Changes are multi-generational. Make the changes for your children so they will start their adult lives without such a heavy load and with stronger backs.

***Please, feel free to comment, and though I know there are a myriad of different options, I have already chosen my path. I am open to looking at other things, but I am confident the choices I am making will bring me to the other side a healthier person. My prayer is that God would use this portion of my journey to give others hope. I already know that He will use it for His Glory, and my good. I stand on that promise. I know God has a plan for me! I love Jeremiah 29:11 but so many people cling to it out of context. Verse 10 says “ For thus saith the Lord, That after seventy years be accomplished at Babylon I will visit you, and perform my good word toward you…”  I am prepared for the “70 years”. I know this is a marathon. Watch for frequent updates… and I may possibly move to a different URL, but I will link back if I do. Writing is a catharsis for me. I toyed with not sharing. I’ve been encouraged to wait, but my heart says someone out there needs to see me walk through this from the beginning. My pride says…what will people think? I am known as a health nut, and I have cancer. I toyed with the idea of keeping my game face on, and acting as if all was hunky-dorey. But I am pretty confident my choice to emotionally isolate myself is a key component in where I find myself. My life is not perfect. I am not SuperWoman. I keep the wounds hidden. In order to heal physically, we have to heal emotionally and spiritually. We have to release, surrender, and forgive to heal. This is Where The Healing Begins


28 thoughts on “Choices, Consequences, and Cancer

  1. I need a major detox! I use Zija products and have for 6 years but I am 55 and still feel I struggle with unwanted weight gain unless I strenuously exercise! I would like to moderately exercise! So I am on pause for now. My joints have become more stuff in my shoulders and hips knees and lower back (surgery in 2009) I get so discouraged!


  2. Cindy

    My heart goes out to you. You are a great woman of courage in sharing your story but what most people forget we have an enemy that is wanting to destroy us and kill us no matter how good we are he is still trying to kill us It is not just through our lifestyle of food but also our lifestyle of meditation. God’s word is very clear that what ever we think on that we will have I encourage anyone out there who is going through issues find the promises in the word of God and speak against the circumstance or disease that you’re up against. meditate on it daily every single day and your mind will change , you will be conformed to believe the absolute Final authority is the word of God. The Bible says life and death blessing and cursing are in the power of the tongue. It’s you that have the power to speak life and a curse the disease. I would encourage anyone out there will no matter what your circumstances no matter what you’re facing you get plugged into the right teachings and you will have the victory in Jesus Christ.
    Jesus Christ already died to give you the abundant life but we have to believe, that’s how we receive it , we have to take it. Gloria Copeland has a healing ministry and you can get her tapes or watch her online YouTube whatever she shows you how to build your faith to believe the word of God and stand on it and not being moved and you will have victory over everything that comes against you no matter how big you think it may be. As Jesus said on the cross it is finished. ” by his stripes you are all ready healed “in Jesus name


  3. Deborah Elam

    omg…. when I read that someone had Cancer on another site… I had no idea it was you. I’ve seen you a few times but I’ve never met you… well, you sat close to me once. It grieves me. I lost my dad to Cancer. Well, honestly… I lost my dad to the treatment of his cancer if I speak what I honestly believe… because I don’t believe that cancer is the real “C” word, chemo is.

    I’ve always thought of Cancer as those flat sponges that we buy at the store. We’ve got them. We are carrying them around in our bodies… but they are still flat… until. Until, we start giving them “water”… the toxins in our foods… when we starve our body of the nutrients we need. Maybe you’ve seen this… maybe you haven’t. I know that you said that your mind is made up already… but would you take a look at this? Can We Eat to Starve Cancer? I think Mr. Li does a great job of explaining what is so hard for me to understand sometimes.

    Also… research Essiac Tea. There is a Facebook page called Essiac Tea for Cancer. I’ve included the link that has a few posts when searching specifically for breast cancer. I forgot the name… but there is a post by someone named Laura Lancia (?) (that at this point has 52 comments). There is a lot of info in those comments.

    God Bless you DeeDee… and please keep us updated on what you choose to do and your progress. I am certain that there are others out there that need to hear what you have to say.


  4. Schön Roll

    I am struggling/lacking for words right now. Please know that you are in my thoughts. If there is anything at all that I can do, please do not hesitate to let me know. In the meantime, just know that I am thinking of you and sending every ounce of positive energy your way. ❤️


  5. Cyreatha Winn

    Wow DeeDee .. i’m so sorry to hear of this .. i hope to follow along your journey .. i am a warrior! sending hugs and prayers ❤


  6. Tonia Abraham

    DeeDee…I just read the above and yes I am shocked but it goes to show you that no one is exempt. I will be standing with you and Phil and I will pray for wisdom and discernment for the choices you make during this journey. Much love to you my friend


  7. Christy

    So sorry to read this! Praying for u and for a speedy and complete recovery. I have taken the Essiac Tea over several years. Don’t know if it works but believe it can’t hurt. Most recently though, I read about Hemp oil as a cure for cancer. Read the articles on/about Rick Simpson and hemp oil and then make your own decision. Sending hugs and prayers your way!


      1. We sell hemp oil, at Herbal Planet Dee Dee. I met you through Amy several years ago and you two girls resparked my own journey back into this wonderful lifestyle when I started Zija along with many other health endeavours which is why I now manage Herbal Planet. You are in my prayers


      2. Christy

        DeeDee, yes you can order hemp oil online. It is for sale everywhere in USA. It does not contain any illegal substance. I was amazed when I read all the articles about it curing cancer. I know we can’t believe everything that we read but I sincerely think it may be worth a try! I am seriously considering trying it to see if ti will help my RA.


  8. Sharon

    As I read.. And then go back and read again because I dont want to miss a word… I have to say thank you for your transparency! Thank you for allowing us to come along beside you( no matter the distance) in prayer and petitions to God! Teaching as you take the journey …thank you for being a blessing … Thank you for being the person you are Dee Dee Shaw!! Lifting you and your family and the medical friends you encounter … Daily!?


  9. Debby Erskine

    DeeDee, I am 100% convinced that you will show the world that anyone can beat cancer through nutrition. When I had my concerns that something was wrong in my body, I told myself that if I ever got that diagnosis, I would set the example. I watched my dad wish he was dead when he was going through chemo and I knew that I would never put the poison in my body! I will always be forever grateful that I met you and learned from you how to love green smoothies and all the lessons you taught me about nutrition. And the anchors so I now see food in a different way. We all fall off the wagon here and there but as long as we get up and refocus and get back on track then we can clean up our bodies and reverse the diseases growing inside that are probably caused by the food we eat! You will be a shining light and an example for all of us! The one thing I learned when watching the YouTube videos of people who reversed cancer with the help of Moringa and nutrition is that they drank 4 packets per day. Dr. Plant said he drinks 5 packets of Moringa a day! If anyone can reverse cancer through nutrition, it is you! I will keep you in my prayers and I know God has big plans for your life! You are a true child of God and He will heal your body through the Spirit and Jesus Christ! I will keep following your posts and watch for the positive reports / updates!


  10. Hayley Eyre

    Dee Dee,
    I applaud your honesty, vulnerability, conviction, and faith. You will no doubt be a source of comfort and inspiration to all who walk through this journey with you. Please know you are in my prayers and I look forward to following you on this new path to an even healthier you! I hope we see each other soon so I can give you a big hug:)


  11. Michele Gonzalez

    Thank you for your sharing Dee Dee. I appreciate each & every inspiring word and especially in giving God the Glory in all things. You will be close in my prayers and may God’s Will be done each moment of your journey. God’s blessings. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13


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