Rebound for Life


Of all the things we can do to support our health, why is it we don’t do the ones that are simple and free? Why is so difficult for us to truly commit to doing all we can to engage in the #naturalhealthrevolution?

All of our body systems are important, but in a world full of toxins, the excretory system is at the top of the list. All the good nutrition you put in your body is for naught if you aren’t eliminating the gunk that is unavoidable if you have no other choice but to shop for your food.

I already knew that this was an issue for me. It was the impetus for Skinny Dipping  and the original purpose of this blog. Hindsight is 20/20. I knew there was something going on, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. My body has not been responding like it should have to all the healthy changes I have continued to make. I finally decided that time had to be made for exercise. In my mind, it was the one missing component.

I committed to exercise at the end of 2015, and I have been consistent, but not rebounding. Rebounding is THE most effective way to stimulate the lymphatic system and support it. We usually don’t think of the lymphs a being a part of our excretory system, but they take a key role in collecting and eliminating toxins. Just like the liver, they can be overloaded and get backed up.  I used excuses, and told myself that my 3 days a week 3 miles at the track, and the occasional fill in with DDP Yoga, was enough. Several months ago (when I STILL wasn’t seeing results) I bought a rebounder, and it has stayed nestled in its home under my bed, except for the times the kids have drug it out to play on it. I heard Sally telling me to rebound, but I wasn’t listening. You might not be either, so take a minute and read this. It will blow you away!

Why does it take a catastrophic event to change the “oughta” to “gotta”? Again, I am going to challenge you to join me! If you already have a rebounder, drag it out and commit to using it. If you don’t, they are less than $50. If you are a bargain hunter, you could probably pick one up for $10 at a yardsale.

Among all the other things I am doing, I have committed to supporting my lymphatic system by Rebounding for Life for 20 minutes every day on top of any other exercise program, and while I am jiggling out the toxic sludge, I am doing the same for my brain by listening to uplifting, inspiring Christian music.  I am going to create a playlist on youtube and would love some suggestions. I hear songs I like all the time, and know most of the lyrics, but names escape me when I try to compile a list. One of my all time favorites is Diamonds by Hawk Nelson!

Leave a comment with your favorite song!

8 thoughts on “Rebound for Life

  1. BeckyWagner

    I’ve been told how wonderful rebounding is for the lymphatic system & MORE…have been putting off getting one …excuse being “have to research BEST!…thank YOU!…will be purchasing one & committing to joining you, Dee Dee (& hopefully many more of this group) daily for 20 minutes) …doing this upon my return to Ohio on Mon. 5/16/16
    My favorite song is “Something in the Water”-Carrie Underwood


  2. Pam Kelly

    Dee Dee
    Spotify is an app available on android and Apple phones. It’s free and allows you to listen to lots of songs sorted by genre. So, after downloading the app, I selected “Christian”, then workout music. My current favorite is “Gretchen’s Christian Workout”. Super great music and you can “next it” if you don’t like the song. Best of all, when you hear a song you love, just read what’s playing on your phone. I’ve learned a lot about who I like by doing this. Hugs and prayers for you and your family!


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