And the results are in…

While I am ecstatic to report no clinical cancer, there were also some areas of concern. Some of the findings only validated what I already knew, but there were also some surprises. My breasts did have some minor abnormalities and are considered “low risk”. Having watched the progress as I implemented all the remedies simultaneously I can only imagine that had we done the thermography a few weeks earlier it would have looked different. The thyroid, uterus, right ovary, and general pelvic region all had enough heat to warranty further diagnostics. Instead, I will continue doing what I am doing and do a repeat thermography in 3 months.

On an interesting side note, as the viral die-off continues, my auto-immune and “myofacial dysfunction” (according to the report) flare up has been a good reminder of what many suffer on a daily basis with no hope. I am thankful for the anti-inflammatories in my Zija Supermix, and have found that spending time in the sun augments the pain relief. I am still megadosing with vitamin D but it just doesn’t do what the sun does for me! It has been YEARS since I’ve had a nice tan. I am darker at the beginning of June than I normally am at the end of the summer.






6 thoughts on “And the results are in…

  1. Darleen

    Great news! Praising the Lord for His mercies & strength!
    Hopefully it will spur on others to take their health and wellness more seriously!


  2. Sue Hodges

    Thrilled to bits for you that there is no cancer but as intrigued by what the thermography showed up as what it didn’t. (Not very good English, huh!) :o))


    1. I am taking between 40-60iu daily. While I know that there is a concern that you can take too much, there is also research that supports megadosing when dealing with cancer and certain viruses. Not recommending others do it without their own research.


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