Feeding or fighting?



I have taught this concept for years. I have made a conscious effort to mentally remind myself when I am making food choices, but nothing anchors it so well as the ramifications of our choices!

I haven’t written lately because I had nothing encouraging to report. My mama taught me to have something nice to say or don’t say anything at all. I did a different sort of 3 day juice cleanse last week. Don’t let anybody tell you eating healthy is expensive. It is all relative. The past two weeks I have spent over $200 at the Farmer’s market, and the vast majority of what was purchased was for me, not to “eat healthy” but a full fledged fight to get well. Being sick is what is expensive (not to mention miserable). The discouraging thing is… nothing seemed to be making a difference. So after completing the cleanse the mind friction kicked in. The incessant little voice that fights to pull you into the pit of despair was working double duty.

“Why are you depriving yourself? What you are doing isn’t helping.”

“The answer lies in your genes, not your food choices.”

“Look at everyone else, eating whatever they want and they feel fine.”

“If everything you’ve been doing has led you to this, why do you think more of the same will help?”….. ad nauseum



I honestly don’t think I would be making it day-to-day without the massive intercessory effort on my behalf. For your part in that, I thank you! And I humbly ask you to continue. I am not out of the woods yet.

I did learn a valuable lesson, and I wanted to share it (keeping my “have something good to say” bargain with myself.) I let the voices get to me. And honestly, the first cheat didn’t seem to make a difference (much like the cookie crumb you first snitch from the cookie jar). My first cheat was a gluten-free crab cake and caesar salad. Though I immediately felt the effect of not eating mucusless, I didn’t notice a difference in pain. So, two days later my cheat was venison burger on lettuce. I skipped the birthday cake and patted myself on the back. I ate some non gmo corn with butter and cream…with no noticeable effect. Monday I skipped juicing and actually felt good. I ate a leftover burger and a bite of that cake, just because that voice in my head had gained some traction. I felt amazing yesterday. Not 100% but better than I have felt in a long time. I let the voice in my head convince me to chuck out all that I know to be true. Today, I skipped juicing again  (using the same excuses that I was out of some ingredients,) AND I ate a whole piece of cake. It was homemade…no preservatives but it still had white flour in it. Then the train that has been chasing me, ran me down, and backed up so it could park on me.

As crappy as I felt, I knew it was self-inflicted. The lessons that pain teaches us are far more precious, and are not easily forgotten. I drug myself to the farmer’s market tonight and stocked up. I am soaking, and for the first time ever, not feeling much relief. Tomorrow is a new beginning. No more CRAP goes in this temple. None, nada, zilch.

Another favorite anchor I teach is nothing tastes as good as thin feels. My voice has won that argument before, but I assure you it will never convince me that nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!


Not only is my gun loaded, but the safety isn’t working. I am no longer willing to pull the trigger. Everybody’s lifestyle choices affect them, whether they feel it immediately or not.

What poor choices are you making because they seem inconsequential?

What if little by little you are chiseling away at your safety mechanism?

I know this with every fiber of my being (even when I let that pesky voice win a skirmish) EVERY BITE MATTERS. YOU BECOME THE CUMULATIVE STRUCTURE OF WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO BUILD. Are you tearing down your house, or building it and replacing the rotting foundation with solid footings?  #naturalhealthrevolution #metamorphu #detoxu


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