Detoxu – Spring Into Action


Join Us for an Updated and more Interactive DetoxU program. Maybe you have done detoxes before and you want to up your game, or maybe you have never been brave enough to try one. Either way, this program is for you! Detoxing your body is paramount to being the best version of you, but it isn’t easy to do it alone. Join us as we introduce you to Warrior Juice, the Power of Mindset, and if you are extra brave, the optional Liver/Gallbladder flush. When I first created this program over 4 years ago I made it available for the insanely low price of $10.

After some discussion, Dr Gates and I are going to continue to offer the “Ten days for 10 Bucks Detox” even though it has leveled up since then. We will provide daily encouragement and educational nuggets, as well as a document with all the information you need to choose the program level that is right for you. We will have at least one interactive webinar that you can join live or watch at your convenience. Learn how to easily determine whether something is right for your body, get a better understanding of how important seasonal cleanses are, and why detoxing shouldn’t just be an event, but a part of your life.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, you need to join us! If you want to be healthier, you should join us! If you are stuck with your weight release goals, don’t wait to sign up! We will officially start the Detox on May 19 but you’ll want to go ahead and sign up so you can be prepared, get the grocery shopping done, and order any of the support products you choose to us


Sign Me Up!   <<< note: the $2 “shipping” fee covers the PP processing fees.




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