Instead of continuing to answer questions over and over again I thought I’d take a few minutes to cover some of the more common ones.

“Is it safe if you are pregnant or nursing?”

Although I am not a doctor, and can’t make recommendations I would definitely be Skinny Dipping if I found myself pregnant again. Peppermint is an oil that many suggest avoiding during pregnancy so you might want to swap that out for a different oil.  Nursing is also safe. After watching the presentation called “Ten Americans” I would want to be detoxing my babies too, but with Skinny Dipping you aren’t using the internal detox processes but are detoxing through the skin. It would be a personal decision as to whether to include the internal detox part, but I would be comfortable doing it personally.  Again, I have a bit of a different opinion about children and detoxing. We live in a toxic world, and we ALL need to detox. Though I wouldn’t do a harsh detox while nursing or pregnant, I don’t avoid them all together either.

“What if I don’t have a tub?” is by far the most frequently asked.

Even though I can’t imagine what it would be like to not be able to enjoy Skinny Dipping in a tub, you can reap the benefits, albeit don’t expect to see results as quickly.  You can replace the Skinny Dipping Detox Bath with Sexy Skinny Spray.  First take a 2 oz glass spray bottle (designed for EO use) and add the same oils used in the regular recipe but multiply by 7 or 8 and then top with FCO. I would only use Fractionated Coconut Oil, and even this can sometimes clog the sprayer.  The optimal times to apply would be immediately after a shower while your pores are still open, or before going to work out when you know you will get your body temp up and sweat.  Whenever you decide to spray yourself down, be sure to massage the oils in well, and then cover the area with spandex type clothing. NEVER use saran wrap as the toxins from the plastic will be drawn into your skin with the oils.  If you choose the Sexy Skinny Spray route, I’d love to hear back from you and see some before and after pictures!

What if I don’t have all the oils? Will it work?

Probably not to the same degree, but there are some oils you can swap out – Wintergreen can be substituted for peppermint and you’ll get very similar results. Cell Therapy magnifies your results so it is one that you really need. You could swap out Bergamot and Lemon for Orange or Tangerine. Trim and Tone is another one that really impacts results and there really isn’t a substitute for it. Frankincense provides SO many benefits. Splurge on yourself and don’t skip that one either. Lavender could be replaced with Pure Tranquility.  Grapefruit is also a citrus oil and could be substituted but it really stands in a class all its own. I will often add in another oil for a specific purpose and I usually trade out the orange or tangerine when I do that. Have fun. Be creative, but just know if you deviate to far from the original recipe you won’t get the same results.  My suggestion – Pamper yourself and order the Skinny Dipping Kit (aka “Slim and Tranquil”). There is about $330 in (retail) product value included for just $200! Even after you add in the FCO, pay the wholesale membership fee and shipping, and add in your epsom salts, it is STILL far cheaper than going to the spa, and you get better, longer lasting results.

How often are you supposed to dip?

I wish it was a simple formula, but thankfully we are all different. The downside to that is there is no pat answer because we are all going to respond differently. If you already know that your liver is compromised (like mine), you’ll probably have to soak three days a week for several weeks to really start seeing noticable results. When it finally did start working for me I was able to lose 10lbs in 8 weeks that had been holding on like a pitbull for a year. Some people will have the same results with less Detox Dips, but if you want to set yourself up for success plan to soak 3 times a week for your first month or two.

How many dips do you get from one Recipe?

If you have a garden tub, generally one Skinny Dipping recipe = one bath.  If you have a smaller tub, you can split it in half. Generally speaking that recipe was formulated for adults, but it more weight based than age based. For someone under 100lbs you’d probably want to half the recipe also. As always, use common sense. If you have sensitive skin, use less oils to begin with. If you have blood pressure issues that are affected by heat, be careful. Even though warmer water helps with the detoxification, you can still get benefit with warm water. Most often when someone sends me a question about tingling or burning, it is because the oils weren’t premixed with the epsom salts, or they left out the FCO thinking it wasn’t important.

I will post more FAQs as they pop up. Check back often. In fact, the best thing to do would be to ‘follow my blog’ so you’ll get an email when I post updates.  Happy Dipping!

5 thoughts on “FAQs

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  2. Have you had anyone that the oils caused damage to their plastic tub? It wasn’t with skinny dipping that a client had damage to tub, but put oil without FCO in tub and didn’t wipe it out after the bath. Bubbles were found in bottom of tub next day??


    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I am assuming this was with Ameo oils? The citrus oils are very strong! I would never recommend doing the bath without following the directions to premix the FCO (or some carrier oil) and salt with the oils. Both are important for safety and results. It could have burned her skin as well. I have never had anyone report that, but it doesn’t surprise me, especially if she didn’t stay in long enough to absorb the oils. They don’t mix at all with water.


  3. Hubby is a pool/spa service manager for over 20 yrs. Not recommend for hot tub …would clog the filter. Whirlpool would be ok but need to drain, refill, run jets to purge the lines and drain again. Probably not the best idea but would be ok. Whirlpool mixes air with the water and oil and would make it more like aromatherapy….. is what he said. Also even if you don’t run the jets the oil will still get in them


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