Dee Dee is a certified Weight Management Coach, and mother of 14. She loves to educate other on the benefits of proper nutrition, and the cumulative damage that toxins can create. She has impacted tens of thousands of lives, but her vision is much bigger, not because she enjoys the limelight, but because she feels her message is one that can change the world when it comes to health. Her passion has led her to begin a coaching program called MetamorphU and she is in the process of developing a program to help fight back against Childhood Obesity.

When she created the Detox Bath that has come to be known as Skinny Dipping, she had no idea that it would become so popular, or that people would get such amazing results. In her coaching she teaches, eat right and detox well. Skinny Dipping is just a form of Detoxing, and the results speak for themselves!

Dee Dee's favorite place to be

Dee Dee loves to spend time with her family, and especially enjoys time playing with her horses when she can carve out a few free moments.

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    1. Michelle, read through the blog posts, and click on the sample button. It actually links to a page explaining how Skinny Dipping works before the sample offer. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, but for some reason I am not getting notifications of comments. 😦


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