’tis the season for Detoxing -Post Thanksgiving Special Offer

I hope you all had a memorable Thanksgiving, and took some time to meditate on all the blessings in your life, especially your health. Typically we are thankful for material blessings, and family, but fail to remember to be thankful for the fact that we have eyes that see, ears that hear, arms and legs that function. Some of us can even be thankful that we are pain-free. (If you struggle with pain, you can still be thankful that you can feel. Pain is also something that can be a driving factor to direct your path to better health. Reach out to me if you are looking. I have found answers!)

Too often, Thanksgiving is a time for gluttony, and the ensuing food comas that leave you feeling miserable. I’d venture to say that the vast majority of folks who celebrate with Thanksgiving Feasts tend to overeat. They make all sorts of excuses, but in the end, they regret it. Or, maybe you are like me and didn’t overeat, but chose to eat some things that you typically wouldn’t have, and as a result you are suffering.


Regardless of which camp you fall into, the week after Thanksgiving is a great time to detox! I love my detox tea for the benefits it provides the liver, kidneys, and other detox organs. I also like to use the Master Cleanse Tonic to help my body restore alkalinity, and to aid in flushing the impurities. It also provides amazing kidney support. And to round it all out, I am back to Skinny Dipping 3 days a week.

I haven’t done any give-aways in awhile, and I didn’t run a Black Friday special….. so, how about a Week After Deal?


Post Thanksgiving Detox: 3 Bags of Premium Tea & 3 Skinny Dip Bath Sets for $45 which includes shipping! These will be packaged a little differently, but you will receive everything you need to enjoy 3 Luxurious Soaks, and to Detox Your Liver.  And to celebrate my birthday tomorrow, I will randomly choose winners who will also receive added goodies!

If you want to order, email me at metamorphucoach@gmail.com or send me a pm on Facebook.

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