Introducing New Intimacy Blends – “No More Blues” and “Primal Passion”

I will blog more about the development of these later, but for now I just wanted to put a post up to make them available. The idea to create some specific blends was born out of necessity as people asked me which oils might work for specific issues. bluerollerbottle“No More Blues” is a play on words, and is a reference to the “little blue pill” that so many people turn to thinking that if they don’t notice side effects (other than desired effect) then it must be fine. All drugs are toxic, all drugs are potentially lethal. When there is an answer in nature, why use drugs? I was mortified to find out how much that “little blue pill” costs! That motivated me even more to offer a solution. I will say I have gotten positive feedback, and from what I have read, the more you use this EO blend, the more effective it will be.

“Primal Passion” is a blend that is generic. There were lots of great names offered in the contest, but I really wanted to include the word Primal because of the connotation that it has for me. I think of free spirited, no inhibitions, something that stirs your core in an almost instinctual passion. If you decide to try it, I’d love for someone more eloquent than I am to paint a word picture of how it makes you feel. Irresistible is another great word to describe it, so hide it if you aren’t already somewhat in the mood!

A note on Intimacy and Essential Oils: Essential oils can stir deep emotional responses, and re-exposure to the scents will just intensify your primal reaction. The more you set yourself up for success, the more effective they will be. Set the stage. Light candles, play soft music, etc. Though it is packaged in a roller bottle, that is just for the initial application. Massage it in. Breathe in the aromas. Both blends work best when applied to the lower back, lower abdomen, and inner thigh areas. Each roller bottle should contain enough for 4-6 single applications. The more you use it, the less you’ll need next time. Weird huh? Most things you need more as your body acclimates, but not so with EOs and emotional responses.

Ready to try a sample?Add some spice to your life!

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