My Arsenal

I want to start by saying I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and kindness. If you aren’t familiar with what is happening… Read more here. So many are texting and sending messages about treatment options so I thought would be helpful for you (and me) to know what I am doing. Most of the choices have been used successfully as standalone treatment.

Here is the list thus far…

I am juicing, and up to a quart. Will work myself up to a half gallon. Continuing to drink green smoothies with boosters, but no dded protein mix for now.


Using bitters and red root tincture, and have Essiac extract ordered.

Using collodial silver and Alkaline water.

Kombucha made with Daily tea.

Will start using black salve as soon as it arrives.

Using a salve made with a combination of essential oils.

Frankincense internally , 3 xs per day.

I have upped my Moringa intake to 3-4 pack per day, depending on how I muscle test for it. And Detox tea 3-4 times per week.

Learn more about muscle testing here

Apricot kernels, and Remu raspberry capsules.

Vitamin D

And daily sun exposure, exercise, and detox baths.

Again, my exhortation is to not wait to clean up your diet. Remember the old adage,” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

6 thoughts on “My Arsenal

  1. John Dupree

    I have a question. I have heard before that we all carry cancer cells in our bodies whether we have been diagnosed with cancer or not. Is that a true statement? And if so, In your opinion, should we be trying to add these things that you are doing into our daily diet? We all need to eat raw, fresh, green, stay away from processed foods and exercise but what about adding all of the extra things into our diets? Would they help prevent cancer? I hope you understand what I am asking. It seems from a logical standpoint, and I am a logical thinker, that including these things beforehand would help to prevent. I started to ask you this Face-to-face but then I thought if I asked on here other people might have the same question. Thank you DeeDee


    1. John, that is a great question! Yes that is true. When our immune system is working right and we aren’t overloading it, it is capable of killing those cells. So many factors come into play. Anything you do therapeutically can also be done preventatively when you are talking about natural.


  2. Sue Hodges

    Using bitters and red root tincture, and have Essiac extract ordered. Apricot kernels, and Remu raspberry capsules.
    Deedee, where do you get these from?


  3. Also blending of certain foods
    1/4 fresh pineapple
    2 each…apples oranges carrots
    Min 2 cups water….blend into puree
    When doing rasp caps…take 3 -4xday with this puree…….


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