3 thoughts on “More on Skinny Dipping – A Video!

  1. Steven Dennison

    Video is not available? Can you try to resend it to my other email see if it’s blocked there please spOiled4U@outlook.com OR maybe it didn’t load properly please try again to this email also. stevendebbie25@hotmail.com Curious, where did you get the recipe for skinny dipping. Is this from Integrated Guide, or Ameo or just something you pulled together? I’ve had people ask me, so I guess I should have an answer. I do love it though myself. Thank you Debbie Dennison

    Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 10:06:28 +0000 To: stevendebbie25@hotmail.com


    1. Debbie, I am not sure that resending will work but you can search for it by name on youtube. I developed the recipe myself and consulted w/Dr Plant to see if he had any ideas to enhance it. We swapped out wintergreen for peppermint (for package logistics) and added cell therapy.


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