Love Your Liver with the Foods You Eat

Someone shared this article with me, and I thought it was appropriate to share since my last posts have been about our livers and how to better support them. You should take the time to read it, but don’t dismiss it thinking that there is nothing that can be done, or that it doesn’t affect you.  Foods are destroying our livers

It is sad to me that they fail to focus on liver damaging foods and they are only discussing drugs as “cures.” There are NO drug cures, and there never will be. We can use drugs to kill, but they don’t heal. Only the body can heal, and it does that only when it is provided the proper tools (ie nutrition).  High Fructose Corn Syrup is, in my opinion, the biggest contributor to diabetes, heart disease, and liver disease. If you have children, and you want them to live a long healthy life, you need to realize that what you feed them is the number one factor affecting their life expectancy.  Up until now you might have been able to use ignorance as an excuse. We have to KNOW better before we can DO better, but once the education process begins it is simply a choice.   Eating right isn’t hard if you are taught how. Detoxing is also key, and kids can detox too. Skinny Dipping works for children and adults alike, you just have to titrate the recipe down for size of tub and person.

The keys to weight release and the keys to optimal health are to 1) eat right and 2)detox. You might be surprised at what “eating right” looks like. Hint, it isn’t low fat, low carb, or low cal. If you are ready to make changes to improve your health, ask me about the MetamorphU 90 Day Total Transformation Coaching program,and/or our Know Better, Do Better Webinar Series.


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