Overcoming the Hormonal Hades of Perimenopause

midlifespray If only the answer was so simple!!

I know this is a “hot” topic amongst many of my friends. (Yes, that *is* a play on words for those of you who are slow, or are just not intimately familiar with the side effects of going through the glorious transition to the Golden Years.) As a mom of many with a philosophy of God being sovereign over everything, I have longingly anticipated the closing of my womb (although I treasure each child as a gift), and have had the attitude that the transition couldn’t be any worse than the curse we all lovingly call “Aunt Flo.” Seriously, how could hot flashes and night sweats, mood swings, and a waning libido be any worse than the cramps, moodiness, and stained undergarments that plague us the first half of life?

God has such a sense of humor! While I was pregnant with my last (born the day after my 45th birthday) I had the opportunity to enjoy hot flashes and night sweats in tandem with all the joys of gestation. Only me! Instead of visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, I have dreamt of the day when Aunt Flo visits no more, when cramps are a thing of the past, and when waiting anxiously for Flo to arrive is a distant memory.  Those who know me have probably heard me in exuberance when I proclaimed, “Bring ’em on! I am ready!!” in reference to hot flashes. Honestly folks, in light of the misery I have been visited with over the past few months, hot flashes aren’t all that bad. Annoying, yes, but nothing to compare to what some people endure as they exit the child bearing years. I happen to be one of those “some people.”

I have written quite a few posts on the liver simply because it is my nemesis. I want you to stash this away in a file for reference – anytime there are skin issues, you’d be wise to bet on the liver being the culprit. Bear with me, I am not having a ADD moment. I will piece it all together. Sometimes it is harder to put a puzzle together while you are living it out. What they say about hindsight is true, but if you are cognizant, you can sort it out in real time instead of wait until all the suffering is over to have the “ah-hah” moment.

Several months ago it started with a rash along my jaw line which I initially assumed was poison ivy.  I treated it as such for at least a week before realizing it wasn’t. I began to research online and was discouraged with what I found. There were LOTS of forum posts with similar symptoms, but no one had a solution. None of the Natural Solution type websites even mentioned it. Apparently some people end up having a histamine response to the hormonal changes associated with menopause in lieu of, or in conjunction with, the other more common symptoms.  I was a little dismayed with what I read, but not deterred. I am not one to treat a symptom and hope it will go away. I disdain the allopathic model. I am relentless when it comes to finding solutions. In the allopathic world they call it a cure. I don’t even like the word.  Consider the Oxford Dictionary definition of cure: relieve (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition. I could go off on a tangent, but I will save it for another day. Suffice it to say that I am not interested in relieving symptoms. I want permanent results. In my world there are no cures, only restoration of health. I dug around for hours, and aside from cortisone creams (not an option) it didn’t appear that anyone had ever solved the problem. Some women complained that they had been looking for answers for years.

I knew that waiting for it to play out on its own was not an option for me. The itching was incessant. I had one good week out of four. Essential oils brought me very short term relief, and I knew I couldn’t continue to apply them at the rate I was using them without having sensitization problems. I reached out to my friend, Sally Paul, whose wisdom can be found at A Few Good Herbs. Her knowledge is extensive, and I knew that if anyone could help me, she could.  I know many of you are chanting in your brains things like: “Take more Zija”, “AGX”, “Use Gentle Repose” and many other natural remedies that you have in your repertoire.   While all those things are wonderful solutions for many, my body is weird. Things that work great don’t always jive with my compromised liver, and I trust muscle testing above all else.

I was taking lots of Zija, and using what my body responded positively to, but nothing was working.  While I was with Sally, we testing most everything in her healing cabinet. My body wanted none of it. Knowing that it wasn’t Poison Ivy made it even more difficult to keep from clawing myself raw. The rash spread down my neck and began to look and feel a lot like this:


I was at my wits end.  My neck had morphed into lizard scales. I even joked of  “fixing it” by having a hysterectomy while I waited for Sally’s miracle remedy to incubate.  A concoction of herbs has restored my sanity. It wasn’t an immediate fix. Sally should have charged me extra for the many whining texts I sent her wondering if we were on the right track. It took another cycle of incessant itching. The rash extended down to the bottom of my sternum. Ladies, relish in your hot flashes! Be thankful that you weren’t plagued with Red Throated Lizard Syndrome. Love your liver every chance you get! You want it to do its job. The answer can always be found in nature.

The bottom line: My body was dumping estrogen and my liver wasn’t filtering it out properly. The histamine response was my body’s way of attempting to eliminate the rogue estrogen. The fix was NOT to find some hormone patch or ‘bio identical’ hormones. ( Do you know the source of those “bio identical” hormones you think are safe? Have you researched?) The answer for me was to support my liver while my body acclimated to a different hormonal balance. I could tell you the ingredients of the concoction, but what is working for me might not work for you. If you are struggling with finding answers, start with supporting your body with the best nutrition. If that isn’t enough, keep looking. Don’t settle for allopathic answers. They cause more problems than they solve.  You can reach me here on Facebook. Or, better yet, join us for the last MetamorphU coaching program this year. Our program teaches a different paradigm when it comes to health and weight management. Our 2015/16 Winter course will be 14 weeks for the price of 12, AND we are offering a BOGOF for immediate family members.  If you want to connect directly with Sally, she under-prices her services and is more intuitive than any doctor you’ll ever visit.

I know this post was a little longer than normal, and I hope you’ll forgive me for rambling. My motivation for sharing is ALWAYS that I can spare someone from going through unnecessary frustration. Education is the KEY. We have to Know Better to Do Better!

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